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Disclaimer Notice.

It’s important to inform you that we are not authorized resellers of the brands we feature and whilst it’s uncommon to come across a preloved reseller, we understand the significance of finding one with dedicated and trusted expertise that can ensure you’re investing in genuine luxury items.

Before any luxury item is listed, our team at Luxury Vintage Finds conducts a thorough authentication process. Our Authenticity Specialist possesses exceptional skills in discerning between counterfeit and authentic pieces, meticulously scrutinizing every aspect of each item.

This scrutiny includes:

  • Precision in stitching
  • Quality of hardware
  • Authentication imprints
  • Date codes
  • Materials utilized
  • Overall craftsmanship

We meticulously seek out any irregularities that may indicate a lack of authenticity, ensuring that only genuine luxury items are offered to our valued clientele.